A traffic clerk is responsible for going through the paperwork related to a company’s operation – typically, the traffic clerk must compile spreadsheets and records related to the company’s traffic of resources, such as the flow of funds and other assets, and the way they’re allocated to particular projects. Additionally, traffic clerks need to get in touch with different vendors and service providers that their company works with, in order to arrange any changes in the schedule or similar alterations.

It doesn’t take much to become a traffic clerk, as the job only requires a high school degree in most cases. A good traffic clerk must have some prior working experience in the same company, in order to be familiar with its operations, though it’s not rare for traffic clerks to be hired from other companies of similar operations which can guarantee the candidate’s aptitude with the job at least to some extent. A traffic clerk would usually work in a team with others, too – making teamwork an important skill.

Traditionally, traffic clerks don’t receive a very high salary – similarly to most other clerk-type jobs. In most cases, the job earns between $20,000 – $35,000 a year, and there aren’t many additional bonuses or benefits. Furthermore, it doesn’t have the typical good career advancement opportunities common for other clerk jobs, and all in all it can be a very poor choice of career – on the other hand, it can be quite rewarding as well, if one finds out the right company to work at.