A translator is someone who’s proficient enough in two languages to work in translating between them. Translators are hired for a variety of purposes – for example, live translation of speech during a conversation, but also translation of written text or audio footage. A translator would typically provide a two-way service, though there are also cases of translators who only work one way and don’t provide from one of the languages to the other. In some other cases, the translator may be skilled with more than one language.

Becoming a translator involves learning languages, naturally – one must become proficient enough in both languages in order to be allowed to work as a translator in them. In some cases, one must obtain a specialized certificate even in their own native language, depending on the job’s specifics. Additionally, a translator who wants to work in three languages may sometimes be required to prove their skills in working between any two of them. In general, it’s not difficult to become a translator for people who have a knack for learning languages quickly.

Working as a translator can earn a salary of around $35,000 – $50,000 a year, depending on how well one handles the job and how many languages they know. On that note, additional language skills can add to the job’s salary substantially, as those who’re skilled in several languages can usually find better and more lucrative employment, and they have better prospects for advancing their careers. On the other hand, the job becomes noticeably more difficult at that point as well.