A computer control operator works in a factory which utilizes computer-controlled construction machinery, such as cutters and welders. The computer control operator is responsible for setting up and monitoring the software running the machines. Additional duties may include loading/unloading materials into the machine, as well as defining custom operational patterns in the software. In some cases, the computer control operator may also be required to perform basic modifications and adjustments to the software, in order to fix bugs or improve its performance.

Becoming a computer control operator doesn’t require a degree higher than a high school diploma in most cases. The candidate must display good computer skills, usually not just with a particular operating system or piece of software, but a more general understanding of the logic behind a computer. For jobs where operators are requested to modify the software, candidates may be required to possess some knowledge in programming – in these cases, a Bachelor’s degree in a computer-related subject will usually be beneficial as well.

Computer control operators are paid a relatively high salary for the low level of qualifications required for attaining the job. The annual salary ranges between $50,000 and $64,000, with the median for 2009 being $54,000. In some cases where the operator is required to work with more than one machines in a specific sequence, their salary may be increased accordingly to compensate for the extra effort, as the strain tends to multiply greatly when tasked with multiple machines. Bonuses are very low and rare.