A computer control programmer works with industrial machines run by computers, preparing the software to properly work with the material at hand. For example, a computer control programmer may be required to program a laser cutting machine to the specifics of a given 2D or even 3D shape, inputting the coordinates and cutting paths into the software and configuring it to properly guide the laser along the way. Computer control programmers are also tasked with controlling the quality of the machine’s output, and verifying that all of the elements that come out of it meet the desired specifications exactly.

A degree in a technical subject is usually of great benefit to candidates for the job, but isn’t strictly required in all cases. Good skills with computers, especially with programming, are a must – candidates are usually asked to display knowledge of at least several different programming languages as well as general understanding of programming logic. In situations where the work involves 3-dimensional cuts, computer control programmers may be required to have knowledge in 3D design software.

As a computer control programmer, one should be prepared to start out at a low salary which then progressively increases to a more acceptable level within the first few months. This is a common practice in many companies that employ computer control programmers, due to the low requirements of the job but the high impact it can have on the company’s performance as a whole. Experienced control programmers are very highly valued.