A systems administrator is hired by any place that employs a large network of computers, and is tasked with maintaining that network in a good condition. The particular duties a system administrator is typically tasked with include connecting new computers to the network, configuring hardware and software, and coordinating the company’s IT department. A system administrator is also sometimes called in for some low-level support tasks when noone else is available to fill in for them.

Becoming a system administrator varies in difficulty from one company to the next – generally speaking, the job requires at least some degree related to the field, such as a degree in computer engineering or network administration – though the specific type of the degree as well as its level can vary from company to company. In some cases, a system administrator may rise to the position from a lower-ranking spot in the same company, after displaying sufficient aptitude with computer systems and maintaining them.

The job of a system administrator pays quite well for the most part, earning a salary of between $61,000 – $80,000 per year. In addition to that, it also offers some hefty bonuses and extra benefits, and allows those who practice it to further their careers and advance to better-paying positions. One of the extra perks of a system administrator’s job is the easy access to a wide variety of services related to the job, which can be greatly beneficial in some cases, depending on one’s lifestyle.