A computer systems analyst is hired to evaluate the performance of a computer or network of computers, in order to determine if there is any room for improvement or optimization in the system’s operations. The computer systems analyst usually performs their job by assessing each part of the system separately, then running benchmark tests to see exactly how well the system is able to cope with different tasks. The analyst will then recommend hardware and/or software upgrades, and may be additionally hired to apply them personally.

A degree in computer science or computer engineering is highly preferred when hiring computer systems analysts, and additionally experience in a position related to computers is beneficial as well. Some higher-ranking positions may even require a Master’s degree from potential employees, though this is usually limited to areas where the quality of work is strictly controlled, such as scientific research and development. Good investigative skills and the ability to follow formulaic procedures are sought in candidates as well.

The position of a computer systems analyst is an attractive one, despite the comparatively average annual pay rate of $40,000 – $61,000. The high demand for computer systems analysts in the market lately has created some very convenient working conditions for potential employees, and companies have been doing their best to attract the more experienced analysts in the last few years, so the prospects for career development in determined computer systems analysts are substantial. On the other hand, there has been an inexplicably high turnover rate in the ranks of more experienced analysts.