Architects are responsible for designing buildings and other constructions before they’re built, and producing the final plans that the construction workers will operate by. An architect works closely with their client, evaluating their needs and adjusting the plans until they meet the client’s demands. Architects usually work in company structures similar to those of lawyers. Architects constantly work with computers in creating their designs, and plotting on paper manually is becoming less and less common.

An architect needs to have a formal degree in architecture, which also grants them a license to work. The skill requirements include good knowledge of mathematics, good drawing skills, in-depth understanding of material theory, as well as knowledge in construction safety. Architects are directly responsible for the safety of the buildings constructed by their plans, and this puts a great focus on an architect’s ability to design safe and long-lasting structures.

Architects are normally paid highly, depending on their specific conditions and the firm they’re employed at. The average annual wage for an architect in 2009 was $78,880, and there has been a strong tendency in improvement over the last years. The salary is affected by the architect’s degree type, and those with a Master’s degree earn roughly $10,000 more annually on an average. Experience plays a great role in determining an architect’s salary as well – those with over 20 years of experience earn an average of between $100,000 and $140,000. Interior designers normally earn less than architects, even the more experienced ones, with their salaries being around $20,000 lower on average.