A brickmason is a construction laborer who specializes in working with bricks. A brickmason’s job involves a variety of tasks, not just the construction of brick buildings – brickmasosns may be required to build different structures, such as bridges and roads, and even simple walls. A brickmason must also be able to repair a brick-made building when the need arises, and provide accurate feedback on the condition of a given structure. Brickmasons are normally employed for repairs more than they are for original construction. Additionally, brickmasons may be called in to work on internal elements, such as fireplaces and supporting pillars.

Brickmasons learn their trade from more experienced ones, and there’s no formal training available for becoming one. A high school diploma is the highest requirement most companies hold, and the majority of them usually have some form of internal training program where the more experienced brickmasons provide on-the-job education to the apprentices. A brickmason’s job is largely physical, and thus a good level of fitness is required. However, some small amount of artistic vision is usually of benefit as well, as some jobs can be more delicate in their nature.

Brickmasons earn roughly as much as blockmasons, and again, the worker’s experience level is the primary factor that influences their compensation. A brickmason’s salary can range between $30,000 and $50,000 annually. In some cases, brickmasons who’re permanently employed by financially stable institutions may be compensated substantially higher than their colleagues of similar experience.