An excavator operator works at a construction or excavation site, working on the excavator equipment. The job of an excavator operator can be extremely demanding in some cases, due to the sensitive nature of the otherwise heavy-duty machines that the excavators are, and excavators can commonly be seen working alongside other people who assist them in their primary duty. An excavator may sometimes be required to perform mechanical work on the machines under their supervision, for example performing repairs, check-ups and seeking replacement parts when they’re needed. In larger operations, these duties are commonly performed by specialized mechanics.

Becoming an excavator operator is mostly about experience. The nature of the work precludes employees from hiring inexperienced workers, and one is generally required to pass a basic training course related to operating an excavator in order to be accepted at the position. Additionally, most companies provide on-the-job training courses that need to be passed before an employee is allowed to operate the actual machinery.

An excavator operator can earn between $32,000 – $59,000, depending primarily on their place of occupation – some locations and companies are known for paying significantly higher to their excavator operators, to the point where candidates are easily willing to relocate just to secure those jobs. On the other hand, the job has some long working hours and low benefits, and it also holds some health hazards as well. An excavator operator with lots of years of experience can see some great increases in their salary.