A general contractor is responsible for the completion of a construction project – they usually have a direct responsibility for all phases of the project, from the planning to its actual execution. General contractors commonly own construction companies which they use in the projects they’re hired for, or they may use the services of companies they keep in constant contact with. It’s not rare for general contractors to accept all kinds of construction projects, but in most cases they’ll choose to specialize in a particular type of construction work, such as residential or commercial buildings.

Becoming a general contractor is mostly about one’s experience, though educational qualifications can play a vital role as well. It’s important to obtain a good degree from a respected university in order to score high-ranking jobs soon enough, but it’s equally important to build up plenty of experience in order to remain in the field and keep in touch with the current trends in construction work. There are different training programs designed for general contractors, and passing those can be of benefit as well.

As a general contractor, one can expect an average annual salary of between $57,000 – $89,000. The pay rate varies in accordance with the types of projects the contractor engages in, as well as their relationships with construction companies (more specifically, those who own their companies tend to earn more as their costs are relatively lower than those who have to employ companies on a temporary basis for each project).