A glazier is a professional who works with glass, performing various installation and maintenance-related tasks with it. A glazier is commonly hired to install glass panels, as well as other glass products, like mirrors, panels and floor installations. Glaziers work in all sorts of environments, from domestic installations, to industrial and commercial ones – it’s not uncommon for a glazier to perform several tasks in the three different sectors, all in the same day. Some glaziers are dedicated to maintaining a particular installation with lots of glass panels in it.

The job of a glazier is mostly manual labor, but it does hold some educational requirements in order to get hired in the industry. An apprenticeship program is the most common path taken by candidates wishing to become glaziers, which requires a high school degree to enroll in. While undergoing the apprenticeship, candidates have to complete both an instructional course, as well as practical work, in order to demonstrate a complete understanding of the procedures involved in the job.

A glazier can earn between $30,000 – $46,000 a year, depending mainly on their place of employment. Various companies are willing to pay good money for their glaziers, while in other situations the person may find themselves with a relatively low salary that doesn’t justify their working hours a lot. In general though, the career outlook for glaziers is good. The job offers the potential for development to its practitioners, which is a major factor in attracting more of them.