A handyman refers to a specialist who’s proficient in solving a variety of repair and maintenance-related issues, mostly specializing in working in mechanical and industrial environments – however, it’s not uncommon for handymen to be hired by private citizens for their own needs as well. A handyman will usually be tasked with performing a wide variety of jobs, from installation and maintenance of different machines, to simple manual labor tasks like mowing lawns, watering plants and maintaining a given property in good condition.

There are no strict educational requirements attached to the job of a handyman – in most cases, a high school diploma will be enough for candidates to get hired. The primary valuable asset of handymen is their experience – the more one has worked, and the more different types of projects they’ve covered, the better their chances would be at getting good jobs suitable for a handyman. It should be noted that some companies hold some very strict requirements for their candidates in this regard – for example, in order to work for some companies, one must have accumulated at least several years of experience.

A handyman can earn remarkably well considering the low number of duties attached to the job – the median salary for 2009 was $34,000 and the job has the benefit of being very varied as well – that is, with lots of different tasks to complete, one can rarely feel that they’re working a monotonous job, which can greatly influence their willingness to work harder.