A heating installer works for a heating company, providing installation and maintenance services for their products. Heating installers can work both in domestic, industrial and commercial settings, as their services are commonly needed in all those sectors – however, the specifics of the job can greatly differ depending on the type of place the heating needs to be installed in. In general, a heating installer must be familiar with the different types of systems used for particular reasons, as well as have extensive knowledge of how to install and adjust them properly.

Becoming a heating installer depends on one’s ability to work on technical and mechanical matters, as well as their knowledge of the systems that run the various heating installations. Some places around the world offer apprenticeship programs, while on the other hand some companies may provide on the job training. It depends on the particular requirements on the environment one’s looking for their job in, so it’s important for a candidate to familiarize themselves with the requirements they’ll have to meet.

The job of a heating installer pays moderately well for the amount of work involved – generally, one can expect a salary of between $28,000 – $47,000. It requires some technical knowledge to be proficient, and the salary usually goes up proportionally to one’s expertise and experience. It can definitely pay off to invest in some additional training courses if a heating installer is aiming at a high salary.