A construction inspector works for construction companies and operates directly at their construction sites. Their job is a supervising one, as the construction inspector is tasked with overseeing the construction operations and performing regular checks on the safety of the new structure. The construction inspector must also observe that all employees comply with the standard safety and construction regulations, and that the building is being built according to plan. Construction inspectors prepare regular reports which they submit to the construction company, in order to keep them constantly informed of any occurrences on the site.

There are no special forms of education for construction inspectors, and working experience is the sole deciding factor for obtaining the job. Most companies require candidates to have worked a set number of years in the construction business, as well as have extensive knowledge of the specific local regulations related to construction work. A good knowledge of all materials and technology involved in construction work is also beneficial.

A construction inspector earns between $41,000 – $56,000 a year. The salary isn’t affected by experience so much as it is by the company of employment, and it’s not rare for construction inspectors to switch working places very frequently in a period of time as they seek more prospective employment. Benefits are generally good, and most companies offer very attractive bonus plans for construction inspectors, as well as various additional incentives for productive employees. Government-employed construction inspectors tend to earn a bit less than those working in the private sector, with salaries of around $35,000 – $40,000 per year.