Construction laborers are the primary working force at a construction site, performing all the tasks that require manual labor. Depending on the type of construction, these tasks may involve laying bricks, transporting materials around the construction site, performing maintenance on the tools used by other laborers, as well as operating the less complicated units of machinery, such as drills and jackhammers. Construction laborers can work both indoors and outdoors, again depending on the type of building in question, and sometimes the job involves harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures or heights.

Getting employed as a construction laborer typically requires a good degree of physical fitness as well as the ability to follow orders and regulations strictly. Previous employment in the construction industry is always a plus, as is any experience with the tools involved in the particular construction project. In some cases, a construction laborer may need a driver’s license to work at a specific job. Additionally, the ability to think and work clearly at great heights is usually required due to the nature of the job.

Construction laborers are among the lowest paid workers at a construction site, with annual salaries of between $25,000 – $45,000. In cases where there are severe health/life hazards present, such as great heights or other harsh conditions, salaries may go up to $60,000. Thus skyscraper construction workers earn more than those working closer to the ground, but they also have a harder time getting employed due to the requirements attached to their jobs. Health benefits are traditionally very attractive for construction laborers.