The job of a landscape architect is similar to that of a regular architect with regards to the environment and landscape – that is, they shape the landscape to provide a pleasant view, usually accompanying a recent construction of a residential building or a new location. Landscape architects can work both on a small and a larger scale – for example, one may be hired to design something as simple as a pond, or on the other hand, as complex as a park. The job is quite diverse and interesting according to practitioners, and gives plenty of room for creativity.

A degree in landscape architecture is the basic requirement for becoming one in most cases. There are some small exceptions of companies that accept candidates with just a high school diploma, but those mostly concern smaller companies without much work. A good landscape architect must be very knowledgeable in different fields, such as architecture, geology, engineering, and even horticulture. Sometimes landscape architects would work in teams, so it’s also good to be able to work with others without problems.

Working as a landscape architect isn’t as rewarding financially as the job of a regular architect, though it still earns considerable sums – an annual salary of between $40,000 – $58,000 is the most common, and some companies that hire landscape architects for private projects may choose to pay even higher than that. It’s important to note that some landscape architects are forced to supply their own materials for their projects, lowering their effective income in the end.