Roofers are a specialized type of construction workers who work on roofs. The job of a roofer typically involves laying the base on which the roof would be built, verifying it for any faults, and then installing the actual roof. Afterwards, the roofer must perform basic checks to ensure the quality of their work. Roofers commonly work in teams, often having one person specializing in a particular part of the construction process, such as laying down the roof tiles or securing them in place.

Since the job of a roofer is a trade, it doesn’t require any higher education than a high school diploma. However, many companies that hire roofers are very strict about the quality of their work, and often require candidates without any previous working experience to demonstrate basic aptitude working with tools and performing construction work in general. Since the majority of required skills are learned directly on the job, previous working experience is one’s most valuable asset when trying to get hired as a roofer.

As a roofer, one can expect to earn around $27,000 – $35,000 a year, depending on the location of employment. Some areas offer quite good prospects for career advancement as a roofer, as experienced workers are valued highly and sought after actively. It’s a good idea for a roofer to try and build up as much experience as possible before attempting to switch employment, and utilizing this properly can net a considerable increase in earnings.