A stonemason is a manual labor worker who specializes in working with stones and other similar materials. Stonemasons are commonly hired to work on the floors, walls, columns and other massive elements of construction projects, typically working on the exterior. In some cases a stonemason could be hired for interior work as well, for example designing an exquisite interior gallery with marble columns or to do some rough work on statues and other decorative elements.

The job of a stonemason mostly involves skills that are learned in the course of employment, and it’s not uncommon for stonemasons to pass the job on to their children in their families. It’s also a regional trade, meaning it’s more popular in some parts of the world than others. In general, a good stonemason can easily find employment in most parts of the world, though the payment rates tend to vary greatly and a high salary is not always completely guaranteed – though it’s certainly not difficult to secure either.

As a stonemason, one’s earning potential is mostly limited by their skills and aptitude, and typically the more experienced ones earn considerably more. The average annual salary for the job is between $30,000 – $65,000, and the job’s working hours can be very flexible as well. However, in some tighter situations, a stonemason may have to work extra hours without being compensated accordingly for it, though the cases of this are becoming more and more rare.