Structural iron workers are hired on any construction sites that involve a large-scale construction with iron, typically bridges and large steel buildings (like bank vaults). Additionally, structural iron workers are also required for smaller-scaled construction work, such as elevators and staircases. The job of a structural iron worker is to prepare the different elements that are going to be used in the construction, and connect them together to create the final product which will be used as a foundation for the concrete, or represent the actual finished building.

There is a lot of specific knowledge tied to the job of a structural iron worker, making it impossible to obtain the job without any prior education – even though a specific degree isn’t required to get hired on the job, one must still go through an apprenticeship program or something similar which would provide the knowledge and skills required for performing the job on a more basic level. After that, the worker must be attentive on the job in order to obtain the additional required skills quickly enough.

A structural iron worker can earn around $46,000 – $52,000 a year, with the salary going up steadily as the employee’s experience grows as well. A good structural iron worker would usually be highly sought after, and the job may further offer some special benefits that differ from company to company (with many companies willing to do quite a lot in order to preserve their more experienced structural iron workers for a good period of time).