A surveyor is a type of worker in the field of construction work, who specializes in studying and analyzing a spot for construction before the actual work commences. Surveyors arrive at the location of a building site, and collect various types of data to investigate it and determine if it’s truly suitable for a construction operation. Additionally, surveyors may have to eliminate any discrepancies related to the size of the land and determine it accurately, in order for the construction crew to know their precise limits when working.

A surveyor’s job requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in surveying or a related field (though the number of additional fields which are accepted isn’t typically very high), and good mathematical skills. Additionally, surveyors must have some insight into the standard procedure behind a construction project, in order to be able to fully comprehend the situations they’re analyzing and provide accurate assistance to the construction crews they work with.

The job of a surveyor earns a moderately good salary, typically around $63,000. The benefits and additional bonuses attached to it can be rather low, but it tends to compensate for that with some flexible working hours and good prospects for career development. Additionally, many surveyors are able to progress to higher positions within the professional ladder rather quickly, and the job as a whole isn’t as demanding as most other positions related to surveying.