A terrazzo worker is a type of construction worker who specializes on terrazzo panels. The job involves preparing an area where a terrazzo panel is going to be installed, laying down the foundations for the job as well as the actual material, and optionally arranging the terrazzo according to a pre-determined specification. Terrazzo workers commonly work in teams, and the job may require them to work under high pressure as well, due to the fact that terrazzo panels are typically installed in a very delicate phase of a construction project.

Getting a job as a terrazzo worker isn’t very difficult for the most part, similarly to most other jobs in construction. All it takes is good knowledge in the installation process of the panels, and optionally some prior working experience on a construction job. Additionally, a creative vision and a fast working hand can benefit a candidate greatly, as most employers are looking for terrazzo workers who can easily improvise in their jobs.

As a terrazzo worker, one’s earning potential is between $21,000 – $45,000. While not very high by most standards, it’s still a good salary for the amount of work involved in a terrazzo worker’s job, as the work isn’t that demanding in most cases and can be performed relatively easily for experienced workers. On the other hand, there aren’t many good prospects for career development, and the job doesn’t hold much in the way of working hour flexibility, either, making it a rather unattractive choice for some people.