A tile installer is a type of manual worker who sets up tile floors, walls and other types of tile decorations. The job of a tile installer typically starts with a preparation of the working area (cleaning the floor, evening it out, etc), followed by the application of an adhesive material which will be used to bind the tiles. Then, the tiles are set in place carefully, and optionally aligned finely with a rubber hammer (so that they don’t break in the process). A tile installer may also be required to repair damaged tiles.

Good tile installers learn the tricks of the job directly in the course of their employment – the job is mostly related to one’s skills, so experience is a candidate’s biggest asset when it comes to getting hired as a tile installer. Tile installers commonly work in teams, so good teamwork skills are also highly beneficial to anyone who wishes to succeed on the position. Working as a tile installer opens up some attractive opportunities for further employment as well, and all in all the position pays off in the long run.

Tile installers earn an average salary of between $40,000 – $62,000. The job pays quite well in comparison to most jobs in the construction sector, and its attractiveness is further attributed to by the fact that it opens up various opportunities to those who practice it. A good tile installer will typically be highly sought after, as many companies are willing to pay well for a professional tile installation job and value the quality of their work very highly.