An art school teacher is responsible for educating students either in an art school or freely in a community setting. Their tasks cover teaching students both about art as well as its history, and letting them get an insight into how the various art forms came to be. An art school teacher may concentrate on one primary art discipline, such as painting or sculpting, or may teach more general art theory. Regardless of what they’re teaching, art school teachers are normally well-familiar with most of the popular art disciplines.

Art school teachers generally come from an artistic background themselves, either having performed arts or having studied them extensively beforehand. An art school teacher must not only be able to demonstrate mastery of the specific type of art they’re teaching, but they must also be deeply familiar with its history and background, as an art teacher isn’t just responsible for teaching proper technique to the students, they’re also tasked with giving them the proper knowledge on the subject’s history. Though formal education for art school teachers exists, preference tends to lean to the side of prior experience and motivation in the particular area of arts.

An art school teacher’s salary tends to be higher than that of a regular teacher, ranging between $31,000 – $48,000. The higher-paid art school teachers earn up to $55,000 annually, and the job generally doesn’t offer many additional bonuses or benefits. An extra source of income for some art school teachers can be found in the form of private tutorials.