An auto shop teacher is responsible for teaching the finer aspects of the automotive repair trade to new mechanics in a garage, or to a group of students at some facility. An auto shop teacher combines aspects of an auto mechanic’s job, in that they must be adequate in the understanding of automobiles, but also a teacher, as they’re sharing their knowledge with students. Auto shop teachers usually do not engage in repairs or vehicle modifications themselves, except in cases where a precise demonstration by a professional is needed.

Auto shop teachers need to have a long-running background in the automotive repair business – a formal degree may influence their approval positively, but usually experience prevails when hiring an auto shop teacher. One must also possess good people skills, which is a general requirement for being a successful teacher – simply being good at repairing vehicles does not automatically qualify a candidate for a teaching position related to those repairs. Auto shop teachers must also be very observant and strict when it comes to compliance with rules, as inexperienced students can create a working hazard when around heavy machinery.

Auto shop teachers tend to be paid higher than mechanics working in the same circumstances, with their salary going in the $50,000 – $65,000 range. Some are able to earn more than $70,000 with enough experience and the proper institution providing their employment, though in most cases the annual compensation won’t go above the $70,000 mark.