An education administrator is a high-ranking position in the educational system, providing direct supervision over most of the important elements of that system. Education administrators cover a broad range of particular positions within the educational system, from principals to government administrators, and they’re tasked with developing the standards under which the schools under their supervision are run. Furthermore, education administrators are responsible for raising and managing the funds required for the operation of the institutions, and ensures that all the policies are adhered to.

In many jurisdictions, particular training in school administration is required from candidates. Previous working history in the educational system, for example in a teaching position, is also of benefit to candidates, though not a direct requirement in most cases. A Bachelor’s degree in either administration, education or economics can greatly benefit a candidate for the position, and it’s not rare for it to be a requirement as well. There are known cases in which schools require Doctorates from candidates for administrative positions at them.

Compared to other administrative positions, that of an education administrator can be rather low-paying, and it has a noticeably large gap between the lower and higher ends of its payscale. On average, education administrators can expect a salary of around $50,000, and the numbers can go up to about $84,000 in cases where a larger degree of responsibilities is involved. The job is notorious for its low overall benefits, attributing to its lack of popularity somewhat.