An elementary school teacher is a teacher who works with students in their first years of school. The job of an elementary school teacher comprises both of standard education (teaching children new information), as well as behavioral education – building the basic foundations of children’s’ mindsets and ensuring that they develop properly over their first few years of learning. Elementary school teachers are especially responsible for defining and controlling the behavior and social skills of children, and instilling good values in them.

Becoming an elementary school teacher is noticeably easier than it is for most other teaching positions, as the educational requirements aren’t very strict – a higher degree of education is rarely required, and in most cases candidates are just required to demonstrate a good knowledge of the basic educational curriculum, as well as the skills they’ll be teaching to children. A friendly, trustworthy experience and previous working experience with children are usually beneficial as well.
Elementary school teachers traditionally earn less than those in other teaching positions, mainly due to the low academic requirements of the job. The annual salary ranges between $31,000 – $46,000, and the median for 2009 was $41,000. The job is, however, quite rewarding in other aspects as expressed by people who have been practicing it for a while – plus, with the appropriate credentials, it can also offer some attractive paths for future career development, and is a prospective job as a whole.