A health educator will work with any organization or institution that has health educational courses as a part of their regular program, and will coordinate the services of the different teachers and other personnel that take part in the educational process. A health educator’s primary goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle in those who listen to them, and teach them of the dangers of the various diseases and conditions that lurk in our lives. Additionally, health educators give short informational courses on the prevention of diseases like AIDS and cancer.

A Master’s degree in either a health-related field or a scientific one is an universal requirement for becoming a health educator – most employers prefer to hire candidates who’ve demonstrated their capabilities and knowledge in the field of healthcare, especially public healthcare. Additionally, those who’ve graduated from a medical school can also find a job as a health educator rather easily, especially if they’ve accumulated a solid number of years of practice.

Health educators have the potential to earn moderately well – with an average annual salary of between $31,000 and $48,000 and some very flexible working hours (depending on where the person is working), it can be one of the best jobs for those looking for a good source of income from an interesting job. The job can also offer a great deal for physicians who want to earn a little extra on the side, and it’s actually a popular choice in this regard.