History teachers work in all sorts of schools, from high schools to colleges and universities (though in the latter case they’re more commonly referred to as professors), and teach their students about various historic events and occurrences. In some places, even elementary schools offer some basic history classes, and some choose to specialize in teaching those in particular (as the educational requirements are normally lower in these cases). A history teacher must not only be able to present their information in a comprehensible, easily accessible way, but also address each student’s problems whenever there are such.

To become a history teacher, a candidate must normally attain a higher educational degree related to the subject – typically, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, depending on the grade of the school where they plan to teach the subject. Some institutions actually require Master’s degrees and even Doctorates from their candidates, in order to ensure top notch performance from their teachers. The job can be stressful as it can involve dealing with some problematic students – but on the other hand, many find it rewarding.

The salary of a history teacher is somewhat lower than those of other teachers, especially those who work with exact sciences. The average annual salary is between $34,000 – $51,000, and the job can have a lot of demands on its practitioners, in terms of workload and other factors that can make it a very unattractive choice. However, it’s still seen as rewarding by many of those who’ve chosen to work it, due to their inherent love for the subject.