A junior high school teacher works at junior high schools and provides an educational service to the students attending them. The duties of a teacher vary a lot and don’t include the basic teaching process – for example, teachers are also responsible for the development of children in behavioral terms, as well as their ability to handle responsibility and cope with difficult tasks. Junior high school teachers may sometimes specialize in more than one subject, especially when the two subjects closely relate to each other (i.e. chemistry and biology).

Becoming a junior high school teacher is different depending on the particular school – in most cases though, having a Bachelor’s degree in the subject would be enough. The teacher could be required to go through a specialized educational course aimed at providing important skills for being a teacher, and in some jurisdictions may even be required to obtain a license (though this is extremely rare as the system works differently in most cases).

As a junior high school teacher, one can earn between $34,000 and $51,000 a year, mostly influenced by the school itself – more renowned schools, naturally, pay their teachers higher salaries and provide better working conditions in general. The job can sometimes involve extra working hours that are commonly not compensated additionally, creating some problems in the community of teachers in recent times. On the other hand, the particular job of a junior high school teacher does have its benefits with regards to further advancements in the career.