The principal at a school is the highest figure of authority, serving as something similar to a manager for that school. The job of a principal is to supervise the entire staff working at the school, managing their salaries and working hours, as well as resolving any disputes between them. Additionally, the principal is responsible for the organization of students as well, making sure that they’re all taken care of appropriately and any inquiries are resolved. The principal would typically be the authority to issue punishment to students who’ve misbehaved more seriously or repeatedly.

Becoming a principal at most schools takes a few years of experience as a teacher beforehand. Even though there are some exceptions and some schools are actually willing to hire principals without any teaching experience, this is quite rare and having an insight of the educational process is vital to the success of a principal in most cases. The job can be highly demanding in busier schools as the principal is tasked with resolving a variety of disputes and sees a long line of work.

The principal at any school earns between $60,000 – $100,000 in most cases. The job can be quite heavily demanding on its practitioners in busier schools which impose a larger workload on the principal, but it can also be very rewarding in a similar way to most teachers’ jobs. Additionally, principals stand to earn a lot of good bonuses from the job as well, which can further make it an attractive choice for many people.