A provost is a type of educational administrator in some areas of the world. The specific duties of the job can vary significantly depending on the location of one’s employment, but they typically involve overseeing the educational process, developing new techniques for it, and generally ensuring that the entire nation has access to quality education. Provosts may also be concerned with some of the additional facilities related to the work of the educational system – such as libraries and admissions services.

The job of a provost normally requires an advanced educational degree to attain, and can be quite challenging to keep up with for some of the less experienced. Usually, a Master’s degree would be enough to get hired, but the candidate would also have to display a sufficient amount of experience behind them, about 10 years or more in most cases. A good provost must be able to make critical decisions on short notice, keeping in mind that these decisions can affect the entire educational system in some cases.

Provosts earn very well – typically, one’s salary as a provost doesn’t fall below $100,000 a year. The standard range is between $105,000 – $160,000 a year, and the job also has numerous bonuses and extra benefits paid to those who practice it, making it an even more lucrative choice of career. On the other hand, the harsh requirements behind getting the position can make it very challenging for those wishing to get employed on it – but it’s a common notion that the final result justifies the effort perfectly.