A remedial education teacher works with students who’re falling behind schedule in their education, usually in a more serious manner – for example, adults who’re yet to become literate. Remedial education teachers provide all the skills and knowledge needed by their students to attain these basic social and educational skills, with which they can later on build a solid foundation of knowledge, given the right dedication. Remedial education is very popular among illiterate adults who need to get employed at a particular place and aren’t qualified enough.

The most basic requirement for a remedial education teacher is a Bachelor’s degree, with the variety of accepted subjects varying quite a lot. A good remedial education teacher must have some personal characteristics that make them appropriate for the job, such as a helpful and kind personality, and the ability to look into others’ problems and assess them on a more personal level, providing them with direct assistance.

As a remedial education teacher, one can expect a salary of between $43,000 – $57,000. The job pays more or less in line with other teaching positions, though it does require slightly more specialized knowledge and may not be appropriate for everyone who’s suitable for a regular teaching job. Additionally, the working hours for remedial education teachers tend to be rather inflexible and not adjusted as well as those for other teaching positions.