A school supervisor is hired to improve the educational process at a particular school and also oversee the implementation of all the guidelines designed for the operation of that school. Common areas where the school supervisor is involved in include the design of the curriculum, management of teachers and students (both in the positive as well as negative aspects), and finding efficient solutions to any problems that arise related to the educational process. School supervisors are usually hired on an individual basis for each school.

Becoming a school supervisor differs in difficulty between jurisdictions – while in some places one doesn’t need any strict educational qualifications and is just required to build up enough experience working at the particular school, other districts require as much as a Doctorate from those wishing to get hired on the position, making it quite a challenge to get a job as a school supervisor in these areas. Additionally, competition is usually very strong.

The supervisor at any school would be compensated rather lowly by most standards, and usually receives less than the actual teachers – however, this is a completely different story in some cases where the school is a high-ranking one, willing to reward their supervisors much more highly than others. The salary ranges between $33,000 – $56,000 with the above in mind, and in some rare cases it may go up to around $65,000, though as we said this isn’t so common and the job isn’t paid very highly in most cases.