A self-enrichment education teacher is a special type of teacher who provides education related to improving one’s own skills and general knowledge, and not a particular aspect of their personality. The educational courses that self-enrichment teachers provide are usually aimed at candidates looking to gain an extra level of aptitude in their general skill sets, without concentrating on one particular aspect. Many people visit such courses mostly for the fun factor attached to it, though some companies tend to send their employees on such courses for various reasons.

Becoming a self-enrichment education teacher requires a high school diploma as well as a specialized form of education, usually given through a short training course which ends with a license issued to successful participants. Self-enrichment teachers who specialize in a particular area must display some expertise in that area, for example self-enrichment teachers concerned with physical fitness must have an appropriate background related to training.

The average annual salary for a self-enrichment education teacher is in line with the salaries for most other positions in the educational sector, ranging between $33,000 – $61,000. The large gap comes from the differences between employers, as in some cases a self-enrichment education teacher can find significantly better pay rates provided they can display sufficient aptitude and ability to handle the job properly. In some cases, a self-enrichment education teacher can receive quite a high salary if they’ve got a lot of experience behind them – and the job can also offer good prospects for career advancement.