A special education teacher is a type of teacher who works with students who need specialized assistance, such as children with developmental or other related issues. The job of a special education teacher isn’t very different from that of most regular teachers, though it involves a great deal of additional attention and care towards the students, as well as some specialized practices only applied in the field of special education. Special education teachers usually work at specialized schools completely dedicated to children with special needs.

A Bachelor’s degree is the most basic requirement for becoming a special education teacher, though in some cases a candidate may need a Master’s degree, depending on the particular place of employment. The job offers some good opportunities for additional career development, and is usually seen as a very satisfying and fulfilling career choice by most of those who practice it. On the other hand, it can be heavily demanding towards those who’re not prepared for it.

As a special education teacher, one can earn a salary of between $30,000 – $51,000, depending on the school they’re employed at. Most special education schools offer good bonuses for prospective teachers, going very high in this regard in some cases – though an employee would, of course, have to display sufficient qualifications to obtain those bonuses. A special education teacher also has good prospects for furthering their career, and the better ones are normally able to obtain those in a reasonably short amount of time.