A superintendent is one of the main figures of authority in any area, responsible for the general management of the operations of a particular venue. For example, a school superintendent is concerned with the organization of schools, the management of their staff, as well as the allocation of resources to the local educational system. Superintendents usually work on their own, though they tend to have teams of assistants aiding them in their job.

To become a superintendent, one must usually be highly skilled and knowledgeable in the particular area they want to be employed in. For example, school superintendents need a high degree of education and general knowledge of the educational system, while construction superintendents need to be well-skilled and experienced in the field of construction works. Superintendents typically obtain their jobs after having built sufficient experience in a related position, though it’s not uncommon for some to get hired straight away due to having high educational qualifications.

The job of a superintendent earns a varied salary, depending on the area of employment concerned – in most cases, the salary would be between $53,000 – $89,000, though there are various exceptions of the salary going even higher with the experience of an employee also growing at a good rate. Superintendents don’t have as many good prospects for advancing their careers though, given that they’re practically occupying a high-ranking position to begin with.