A teacher is a general job title for people who work at schools where they teach students in various subjects. Teachers typically work by giving students theoretical knowledge in a particular subject, though sometimes a teacher may specialize in more than one science, especially when the two are closely related – such as biology and chemistry. Additionally, teachers are sometimes required to give students practical knowledge as well, by guiding them through a variety of experiments and tasks designed to improve their aptitude.

Becoming a teacher takes at least a Bachelor’s degree in the respective subject in most cases, though some schools are also willing to hire candidates with degrees which are just related to the particular one. Additionally, some disciplines may require a much higher degree of education traditionally – such as physics and biology – and the school may also impose additional regulations on the accepted range of degrees for a teacher’s position.

The salary of a teacher can vary greatly with the particular subject they work in, but most teachers are able to earn between $40,000 – $55,000 a year, minus the associated bonuses and benefits. A good teacher is usually able to reap in various additional bonuses, and can also earn substantial amounts of money through private tutoring sessions, though there may be some restrictions related to those, depending on the country – in some places, this practice is completely forbidden, while others don’t really impose any restrictions on it.