A teacher’s assistant works at schools and provides various types of assistance to a teacher. The job isn’t that popular in some parts of the world, as it’s mostly limited to certain subjects and isn’t used in every educational system. Teacher’s assistants are tasked with duties like providing the teacher with materials needed to perform the lesson, taking part in an experiment or assisting the teacher in a complicated drawing on the black board. Additionally, teacher’s assistants may be required to fill in for the teacher when they’re unavailable.

Getting a job as a teacher’s assistant is certainly less complicated than becoming an actual teacher – understandably, the educational requirements attached to the job aren’t as high. It does, however, require some personal characteristics, such as the ability to work fast, handling students well and being at least moderately knowledgeable in the subject they’re involved in. A good teacher’s assistant must have a friendly, yet stern personality, much like actual teachers.

A teacher’s assistant earns noticeably less than teachers themselves, with an average salary of $16,000 – $25,000 being the most common. The job doesn’t have much in the way of bonuses and benefits either, though it does have some good prospects for further career advancement and offers those who practice it substantial chances for furthering their careers. A good teacher’s assistant can see good promotions in a relatively short time, depending on where they work.