World civilization teachers work at schools, where they teach students about the way the world has evolved, specifically concerning the evolution of human civilizations. The subject explores the way various nations around the world have established their identities, and studies how we’ve become the people we are today. A world civilization teacher may combine their subject with another related one, most commonly history – and depending on the educational system, it may be actually designed this way in the curriculum.

To get hired as a world civilization teacher, one must of course have good knowledge of human history. Typically, a degree related to history is required, and most candidates must also be very knowledgeable in other subjects, like geography. World civilization teachers have good prospects for developing their careers, as the job opens the way to various other lucrative positions within the educational system, and one is mostly limited by their qualifications for their progress.

The salary for a world civilization teacher is mostly the same as the one paid to other teachers in general – they stand to earn between $39,000 – $65,000, and in most cases there are some extra bonuses on top of the regular salary as well. A good world civilization teacher can easily secure lucrative employment for themselves and progress to better and better-paid positions, though this is dependent on the local job market, and subsequently, on one’s ability to research it well.