Appraisers are tasked with inspecting a property’s value, usually as a precaution in the purchase of that property. An appraiser must be able to properly weigh in all of the factors attributing to the monetary value of the property, such as age, purchase date (where applicable), and overall maintenance level. Appraisers must also be able to correctly identify discrepancies between the property’s description and its actual state.

Since appraisers can work in various spheres, from art to real estate, their educational requirements vary – generally, an appraiser will benefit from having some form of financial education, as well as demonstrating good ability to analyze a problem coherently. Additionally, more specialized education in the appraiser’s particular field of work is usually beneficial. On the other hand, appraisers can normally find success without any specialized degrees in some cases, mainly in real estate-related appraisals. Good knowledge and professional experience in the specific area is usually highly preferred over a formal degree.

Appraisers’ salaries vary greatly, from around $32,440 to $80,000 annually. The difference is caused by the field the appraiser works in, as some properties’ appraisals are worth notably more. A real estate appraiser generally has the most potential for earnings, ranging from $60,000 and upwards to the $80,000 average. Some real estate appraisers earn as high as $100,000 annually. Auto appraisers tend to be on the lower-paying end of the scale, earning between $20,000 and $30,000 per year.