A bookkeeper is a type of accounting job. The bookkeeping clerk is responsible for managing a company’s financial records, organizing them into an easily accessible and presentable form. The bookkeeping clerk must collect all of the documentation related to a company’s expenditures and incomes, and periodically calculate the total cash balance for a given fiscal period. The bookkeeping clerk is tasked with organizing the company’s records into a ledger, which needs to be frequently balanced and kept up to date with the most recent changes in the company’s balance. A bookkeeping clerk may be part of a larger team of bookkeepers, each assigned a specific portion of the company’s financial structure to keep track of.

Bookkeeping clerks generally do not need a greater degree than a high school diploma; on the other hand, strong knowledge in mathematics and general accounting skills are almost always a requirement, and the candidate is required to have previously occupied an accounting-related position at another company. The job of a bookkeeping clerk can involve lots of specific details related to the company he/she is employed at, and those details are usually learned as the job progresses.

Bookkeeping clerks tend to be compensated less than other types of accountants, with the median salary for 2009 being just $30,000. The general rate of annual earnings is between $20,000 – $35,000, and the prospects for increased gains over time aren’t that high either. A bookkeeping clerk’s job is usually seen as a stepping stone towards a more serious type of accounting position.