A cashier works at the checkout desk of any store or other installment that works with customers and handles direct payments. The cashier is responsible for accepting those payments and submitting them to the company’s funds, as well as providing customers with information when requested. Depending on the type of employment, the cashier may also be required to perform additional tasks related to the products being sold at the store – for example, wrapping gifts in packages, preparing flower bouquets, etc. Cashiers may also be tasked with taking care of some of the company’s payments to other companies when the payments involved aren’t major.

A cashier is usually a low-demanding position with no heavy requirements towards the candidates. A high school diploma usually suffices, and the more important traits that employers look for are a friendly personality, well-groomed appearance and helpful nature. Additionally, knowledge of the type of merchandise being sold at the particular store can benefit a candidate greatly, depending on the company.

Cashiers are usually paid a minimum wage and receive no extra benefits. The median salary in 2009 was $21,000, and the average pay per year ranges between $18,000 and $23,000. Cashiers rarely see opportunity for career advancement, except in cases where they’re looking to continue working at their current store, in which case they may eventually be promoted to higher positions. In most cases, a cashier is just a temporary job used as supplementary income.