A financial analyst will perform extensive research on the financial market in order to ensure that the company they’re employed at makes the most profitable decisions related to their finances. Financial analysts will commonly work with the stock market and/or stock market analysts, as this usually provides a great overview of the current financial situation, and provides the greatest opportunity for making viable decisions. The job of a financial analyst can sometimes be a highly demanding one, due to the risky nature of the decisions often made based on the analysis performed.

A Bachelor’s degree in either finances or administration is required for becoming a financial analyst, and some companies even require Master’s degrees from candidates for the position. The job can be a very stressful one, and thus a strong mentality and the ability to work properly under pressure are required. Financial analysts often work in teams, and this creates the additional requirement of being a good team player, being able to coordinate their actions with others, and most importantly being able to admit their mistakes when it benefits the team as a whole.

A financial analyst’s job is a moderately well-paying one, earning an annual salary of between $41,000 – $62,000. The job holds some good potential for progressing up to higher-paying positions, especially after obtaining the proper qualifications. However, it can also be very demanding in periods of rapid market changes, when the job involves working with lots of data in short periods of time.