A financial clerk works at a company’s finance department, performing duties typical for a clerk position – serving customers, communicating messages between different employees of the department, organizing documents as well as generally helping around the office. Additionally, a financial clerk will usually be tasked with duties more closely related to the field of finances, such as clearing payrolls, managing the company’s financial records (in a most basic sense), and providing proof-reading for the various documents issued by their superiors.

A high school diploma is enough for becoming a financial clerk in most cases, with the addition of some personal skills such as a sense for organization, good multitasking abilities (financial clerks are commonly tasked with performing several smaller jobs at once, and are judged based on their efficiency and the time it takes them to complete them all). A financial clerk must also be polite, friendly, and helpful in all cases, regardless if they’re talking to a client of the company or their supervisor.

Financial clerks don’t enjoy a high payment compared to other types of jobs in the financial sector, with a salary of between $30,000 – $38,000 being the most common. Sometimes the job offers extra perks which can attribute to the pay rate, though it generally remains within these limits and the job is seen as a stepping stone to more lucrative positions. Additionally, some financial clerks may earn commission based on their activities, where this is applicable.