A financial services sales agent works in the stock market, providing a service that varies from place to place, but is most commonly related to the job of a broker – the agent is tasked with handling the various deals that take place in the market, advising clients and overseeing their deals to help them minimize their potential losses, as well as planning their future investments and helping them better understand the principles behind the operation of the stock market. A financial services sales agent will commonly be required to locate their own clients, though sometimes they may be assigned clients directly by the company.

To become a financial services sales agent, a candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in finances, accounting or administration. A Master’s degree isn’t required by most companies, though it can certainly provide a huge bonus to any candidates wishing to get employed. Furthermore, progressing in the job and climbing to higher positions actually does require a Master’s degree, and it’s a standard procedure for many agents to get hired with a Bachelor’s degree and obtain their Master’s in the course of their employment.

A financial services sales agent has the potential to earn between $30,000 – $89,000 annually, with a lot of their earnings coming in the form of commission payments. However, the job is highly stressful and involves a lot of thinking on one’s toes for prolonged periods of time, and some see the pay as rather low for what it’s worth.