Insurance Sales AgentAn insurance sales agent works for an insurance agency and is tasked with spreading their services to as many clients as possible. This usually includes personal conversations with potential customers, where the sales agent attempts to convince the person that their company is the best and most appropriate choice for taking out an insurance policy with. In some cases, insurance sales agents will travel around different locations in search of prospective customers to advertise to, and it’s not rare for successful sales agents to actually be contacted by clients referenced by other clients.

Becoming an insurance sales agent doesn’t have any educational requirements associated with it in most cases – the job requires good salesperson skills, which are mostly acquired through training and experience. In some cases, the company may provide a specialized training course for newcomers to the position, in order to get them acquainted with some of the basics of performing the job, though this is mostly common with large-sized companies.

Even though the insurance industry tends to be a well-paying one in general, insurance sales agents don’t earn that much compared to other people in the industry. The annual salary ranges between $25,000 – $48,000, and the job can often involve extra long working hours and some other unattractive conditions, all of which can attribute to turning candidates away very quickly. However, those who manage to “survive” can often see great improvement in just a few months.