A loan interviewer works for financial institutions like banks, and other organizations that provide loans to their customers. The job of a loan interviewer is to conduct interviews with potential borrowers in order to determine their eligibility for receiving a loan. This can include performing a background check on the candidate, in order to determine whether the facts they’ve presented about their financial history are true; requesting a copy of their credit report; and in some cases even contacting previous employers and lenders to find out information about them.

Becoming a loan interviewer doesn’t require any higher degree than a high school diploma in most cases. The job does, however, require a lot of personal skills from candidates – the ability to lead a conversation straight to the point and extract important information, as well as being persuasive enough to avoid getting fooled. Additionally, being investigative and thorough in one’s work is also of great benefit to a loan interviewer for performing their job properly.

Loan interviewers earn more or less the same as loan clerks, with some minor differences between companies. The annual salary goes between $20,000 and $34,000, and the major difference is that many companies offer good bonuses to their loan interviewers, contrary to the extra compensation offered to loan clerks in general. Additionally, interviewers tend to have more flexibility in their working hours, especially on slower days with less customers to take care of.