The job of a securities sales agent is similar to that of any regular sales agent, only related to the field of securities – it involves finding clients and organizing deals related to a company’s security assets (bonds, investments, etc), studying the market and keeping in touch with the current pricing and trading trends. Additionally, security sales agents may work on a freelance basis and not employed by a particular company as is most common, providing a general service and in some cases functioning as a middleman between two companies.

Securities sales agents typically get the job with a degree related to business or finances, though it’s also not uncommon for candidates to get employed based solely on their prior working experience and knowledge of the business world. A good securities sales agent will always be able to locate the best deal available on the market and assist their clients properly, helping them pull through to the end of the deal and leaving them with a good profit.

The salary paid to a securities sales agent is typically based on their performance, and can vary between $30,000 – $74,000. The job offers some good prospects for developing one’s career, as many companies are actively looking for good securities agents to handle their deals. On the other hand, securities agents who’re not performing that well can find themselves in some disastrous situations, stemming from a severely decreased salary (as it’s based on their performance as outlined above).