The treasurer at any organization is responsible for the management of the flow of funds through it. Treasurers are commonly tasked with jobs like overseeing transactions, authorizing various operations on the accounts of the organization, as well as organizing the financial reports related to that company’s business. Additionally, treasurers often serve as advisors to the managers in the organization, giving them information on how to proceed in any particular case that concerns the organization’s finances.

Treasurers typically need at least a Bachelor’s degree to get hired on the job, with the accepted degrees varying, though with the common requirement that the degree is related to finances in some way. To get hired as a treasurer, a candidate would also benefit from previous working experience on a position related to finances in any company, as experience tends to be a highly valued asset in the business and most employers realize the benefits of having highly trained employees on this position.

The job of a treasurer is a highly paid one, typically earning a salary of around $150,000 – $240,000. The job also has various additional bonuses and benefits attached to it, further serving to make it one of the best career choices for people who have a knack for working with finances. On the downside, the working hours attached to it tend to be rather inflexible, and the demands of the job itself can be very high in some cases, requiring the utmost degree of concentration and dedication to one’s job in order to be successful.