A baseball player is someone who engages in the sport professionally as a choice of career. Popular primarily in the United States, employment as a baseball player can also be found in some other countries – though the US remains the primary center of interest for both baseball players and fans alike, as it’s the country’s national sport. A baseball player’s career runs similarly to that of most other sports players, with the player usually finding employment at a professional club and progressing from then on.

To become a baseball player, one must usually show deep interest in the sport from an early age. Most successful baseball players have been recognized as being good as early as their high school years, allowing some of them to grab a professional coach’s attention. Those who’re not picked up by a club in this manner must personally seek out one that’s willing to accept them, and work their way up to the major leagues. A baseball player must be physically fit and frequently practice their specific aspect of the game – pitching, batting, etc. All baseball players must be excellent runners as well.

Baseball players are compensated greatly, with the average annual salary for a professional in 2009 being over $3,000,000. Of course, the number goes down significantly when it comes to players from the minor leagues, but the career development possibilities are great compared to other sports.